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Stars from Coelho 14 (SED)


The search interface allows for the selection of FITS files for a range of parameters and provides a detailed list with links to the individual FITS files, a plain text with the current list result; and two links (tgz and zip) to download a compressed file with all files (plain text + FITS files). However the system has some limitations, if you want to generate a zip or tgz file to download, be careful with the amount of FITS files and total size of the compressed file. In some cases it is more convenient to download the whole library!

    » Library Name | Total size / Number of FITS
    | search |     select the library.
    | distribution |     points to a visual perspective of the parameters covered by each library.
    | the whole library |     download the compressed .tgz file.

»   If you select one value only, the system will search this value ( min = max ), see "checkbox" below.
»   The system recognize the min-max values no matter the order (try inverting them and it will still work!).
»   "Checkbox" is an auxiliary feature to quickly expand the interval limits to evaluate the FITS availability (data nudge!).
The variables are increased/decreased:
TEFF by: min * .9 and max * 1.1 and the others by: min - .5 and max + .5

if LOG_G is 1.0 (no matter if in min or max), when the box is checked the system expands the search to -0.5 <= LOG_G <= 1.5
if FEH is   from -1.0 to 0.0, when checked the system searches    -1.5 <= FEH <= 0.5
»   If a parameter is not specified, the system will use all available values of that parameter.
»   To obtain any results you must specify at least one parameter.
»   The graphs shows the distribution of FITS files within the selected parameters.